Hey C-Level Leaders!


I love working in the coaching industry because just as much as you teach to your clients you can also learn from their experiences. I recently had a very challenging conversation with a client and we discovered that her inability to have a healthy home life was restricting her ability to progress in her industry. It is so easy as an business leader to get too narrowly focused just on being successful at work that you forget how to have a healthy work = life balance or as the new trend calls it a fully "integrated" life.  If there is no peace, love, and growth in your family/home you will be distracted and even derailed on your career path. Home is where you should be able to rest, rejuvenate, create, dream, and "be off." Without  these options you will easily become frustrated and eventually burn out. But a happy home life takes work! Yes, after you leave "work" you still have to do "work." But this work should fulfill you in ways that you career cannot. This home "work" (lol!) will create for you a lifetime of happiness and love that can outlast any job, company, or success. With a supportive family you can conquer the world! When you find creative and unique ways to make your family/home life healthy/happy and your business life healthy/happy and you will be even more successful!

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