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Have you ever seen a really bad photo of someone and it just completely changed your view of them? For example, the string of "unflattering" photos that came out after Beyonce's dynamic Super Bowl halftime performance made me think differently about the Grammy winner. Despite all the efforts of her publicist the photos did make me look Beyonce differently. Seeing that she can make an "ugly" face or have a bit of jiggle like the rest of us made me see her less as the  "perfect" icon and more as human. And I love her even more for it! While your image is so important to you successfully portraying who you are and what you can provide aka "branding." It's important to still take a balanced, more human approach to your image as well. One thing I tell my clients when preparing for a photo shoot for their brand is to consider what is the message you want and need to portray. For example, if you're a stylist although you may want to portray fierce (like Sasha herself!) you still need to appear approachable and down to earth. Make sure to take a variety of photos to tell the best narrative of you that you give!

Although we live in an image conscience society never be afraid to still be human. You might even gain more fans!

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