Hello Tastemakers!


We all know the warning to be careful about "the company you keep!" It is how people judge you and determine your character and unfortunately your potential. I want to encourage you this week to take an assessment of your friends and business associates. Measure how they have benefited you and your business and what you have or can provide to them. Its not to tell you to make drastic life changes but to encourage you to make sure that you have provided to yourself a safe, positive, and healthy environment for your business to grow and develop. A healthy environment includes honest, encouraging, and challenging mentors that are in the field that you want to be in or something similar.  It also includes friends or associates that are higher or more accomplished in one or more areas in business than yourself. Be careful that you are not the smartest, most accomplished, most innovative person in your circle because that causes stagnation and lack. Then you need those people that are not competition or even in business but rather have sound advice and a great listening ear. You always need someone outside of the business world who can tell you if something makes sense or not.

So now what? You've assessed your circle and realized you're missing a key few people. Fear not! Get yourself out there and find who you're looking for! Be prepared to open up to new people and ideas that can help fuel you into the best version of yourself and your business. Go to some free networking events in the area or in your industry. Post something interesting on Twitter or in a Linkedin and start building new relationships. Pass out your cards or join an organization. The opportunities are endless and you can do it!

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