Hello Business Innovators!  


My favorite topic to talk about with fellow entrepreneurs is the why. Why did they want to start their business? What drove them to the point to create a non-profit? Why did they feel that they had to do what they are doing when they chose to do it? And eventually the answer always come back to purpose. They had a strong feeling to do something different, something great, and do it now!


Each of us has a purpose that we were meant to discover, cultivate, and execute while we are here. Its your sole responsibility in life to discover and protect your purpose. You will spend your whole life discovering all the aspects of your purpose. And you will also spend the same amount of time protecting it from life's disappointments, doubts, and even your own insecurities.


But the most exciting thing is that no matter what happens in your life your purpose will always be there! Its your forever friend that is just waiting for you to come out and play with it! And even more exciting so is everyone else! We're all just waiting for you to show us your great idea, product, service, or concept. When you chose to live in your purpose than everything around you begins to respond differently. At first there might be some resistance to the change but eventually opportunities start to appear and support begins to manifest and it seems the whole universe is cheering you on to go further, deeper, and longer than you ever even dreamed. 


Isn't that exciting? So my challenge to you this week is to pull out your old vision dream board or create a new one and re-discover, re-think, re-examine your purpose. Make sure you know it in and out but are also open to its fun little changes. Make sure you haven't let disappointment or doubt delay you. And above all else remember you can always chose today to start back on your Journey to discovering and executing your purpose as long as you have breath! 


Every breath is a reminder that you have a purpose and more time to discover and share it with the world!

Every breath is a reminder that you have a purpose and more time to discover and share it with the world!

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