I have been known all my life for being highly organized. It has not always been a blessing though. Sometimes I'm that lady that has to clean the kitchen before I can get started on my work or am running around the house like a mad woman tidying up before a guest can come over (or even use the bathroom - my friends reading this know!). But I have found in business it is one of my greatest assets. The ability to find what I want, when I want has been a great benefit during session with clients. I just pull up a file on my phone or pull out a folder and Viola! instant clarity! I have also learned how to not let my gift of organization become over bearing. I have dedicated "messy spots" in my home that are to be a bit unregulated to remind me that life is about balance and perfection is just not attainable. As I have coached more and more clients one of the biggest hindrances to success is organization.  So I have shared my tips and tricks over the years and now have created two customizable consulting options just to help you get out of your own way! 

This month I will be hosting a FREE Webinar on how to start your business with organization and if you already have a business I know you'll be able to get some helpful nuggets! But for my blog readers I'll be including 3 additional tips here that can help you get started!

  1. Organizing for a Lifetime not just to Survive - Understand that being organized is a lifestyle not just a temporary habit. Just as changing your diet to lose weight, you cannot be successful with organization if you treat it as a temporary fad. So how do you make organization a lifestyle? It starts with your daily choices. Everyday you have the opportunity to be organized or not. Should you open the mail or just plot it on the counter? Should you save that file in an appropriate folder or just find the email again later? Should you put your latest stack of network contacts in a folder or just stash the cards in a pile for later review? To make organization a lifestyle you have to change your everyday habits to become more pro-active to organization and not just reactive. Now it is true it will cost you more time and a little effort but just as a new diet, what you do now will pay off in beautiful results later!
  2. Everything has a Place - Lets be honest with ourselves, every single thing should have an appointed place in your house or on your computer. Yes it is easier to dump all of the clean clothes from the dryer into a basket (I do this ALL of the time!) but each piece of clothing does have a hanger (let's hope they are not wire though!). Just as every file has a home. And yes even every email - to AND from your inbox (Yikes!).  One of the first steps to organizing your business is to figure out where do you want to house all of your stuff! Do you want folders for each client? A folder for all of the financials? Does the financial folders need to be broken down by year or month? Once every item of your business has a designated home the next step to becoming more organized is to PUT THINGS IN THEIR PLACE! Lol! I know maybe too many caps but it's really that simple. The problem lies with timing. WHEN do we put the mail in the file cabinet? When do we move the latest proposal into the client's folder? That is where most of use need some assistance. The issue of timing is where you need to develop systems. I will talk more about systems in the webinar so don't miss out! But first establish a place!
  3. Know When to get Help - Ok, if you're reading this and will attend the webinar maybe you just need a little reminder to do a quick clean of your office and you'll but fine.  But if you know you have a more serious case and don't even understand what I'm saying above - Seek help! Don't let one more minute of disorganization keep you from making money! Its a small investment but organization is the difference between a steady stream or an overflowing dam ready to burst! The systems and tools that you use for your business are supposed to ASSIST you not keep you trapped looking for things! We switched to emails to reduce the amount of physical mail and letters. But just because you don't have a room of filing cabinets does not mean your inbox does not need folders. If you struggle with organization seek help with a virtual assistant, get a bookeeper/CPA, a professional organizer or even hire me for a quick and customized consulting option just to help you get out of your own way! NEVER let one your weaknesses stop your ability to produce what your business was out here to produce. Get help and move on to what you're good at!


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