Hello Entrepreneurs,  


No matter how successful you are most of us have hit a brick wall with our business  or personal growth and had to start over or make some major adjustments!   I hit my wall in July and had to do some major overhauling in both areas! (This conjures up Destiny's Child "Survivor" song but I'll save that for Karaoke!)  But I knew no matter what that, "God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him ." (Romans 8:28 NLT) All I needed to do was focus on what was that good.....

Now that I see my "good"  and have had some amazing friends help me keep focused on the "good" I want to remind you of three things when you hit your "wall."

To help stay focused on the good and not what you see or what people are saying I created this exercise for my clients (and myself) years ago that is based on the simple concept of "if - then" statements from Geometry (I know, I know, I hate math too! Stay with me). So the concept is that whatever you put in the "if" part is your hypotheses and must be a true statement that you believe. Therefore whatever you put in the "then"part of the statement must yield true and is your conclusion. The "then" part is what we often struggle with. Here's an example, If I keep giving then, I will receive the good I have put out. This automatically gives you the freedom to not worry about the when, how, and what but know that it will happen for you because your "if" is true and is something you believe in. Get it? 

So below are some "if - then" statements that I want you to apply your life's wall:

  1. If, I am still alive and breathing then, I have a higher purpose to fulfill! (This means whatever is going on was not big enough to stop you so get up and keep moving!)
  2. If, I have a higher purpose to fulfill then,  WHATEVER is going on is only here to help me get there! (This means that we are the sum of our experiences and lessons learned and to be the best version of ourselves WE HAVE TO LEARN)
  3.   If I am going to get to my higher purpose then,  the "good"/lesson from this experience is ________________.  (This is making a choice to not look at the "bad" but focus on the "good." There is something that you needed to learn for your journey and when you get to your next destination you will have needed this lesson!)


Makes sense? Put your comments below! Also I've attached this wonderful video by Marie Forleo about how to keep focused on the "good!"


Until next time keep on your straight path! 


C'mon over to http://www.marieforleo.com/2013/05/feeling-lost/ where the main discussion happens after the episode! Feeling lost is something that almost everyone experiences in life. In this video you'll learn my four tips for rebuilding your life when you're feeling lost and like everything is falling apart. 1. Everything Happens For A Reason.


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