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Learning and Growing...


Learning and Growing...

Hello Business Peeps!


Hope you had a great and innovative week! On thing I've tried to do this week is really expand my mind and thinking to new ideas and trends in the business world. If you're not growing you're dying! Its so easy to get stuck and stagnant in our very busy world but YOU MUST MAKE TIME TO GROW! I tell my clients set aside an hour each week to engross  yourself in your field or the area that you want to be in. The more you know, the more you grow!

One of my favorite places to get information is Harvard Business Review's Blog! It has innovative and quality information. But don't limit yourself to one medium or media! Try finding a YouTube channel that interests you or a new television program. The opportunities are endless but the responsibility is yours!

Until next time.... 


P.S. Here's My Top 3!

1. Harvard Business Review

2. Ted Talks

3. Huffington Post



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