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Hey Business Innovators! Its time for Episode 3! 

So Episode 3 was an interesting distraction from the regular day to day Pope & Associates Drama. We still had some Pappy Pope & Huck issues but the main attraction was the persistent ability and seemingly willingness of Olivia to be blown to bits by a psycho! So here's what happened!

Episode Recap

  1. Some people just can't take no for an answer! - So the show starts innocently enough until Olivia's new client Mary decides to force someone to tell her the truth about her son who was killed while on duty because he was deemed a terrorist. Crazy Mommy Mary could not bear the thought that her son could have ever betrayed his country and planned to get to the truth by holding a Congressman and his staff hostage with a homemade bomb! (BTW she made it via Pinterest which is hilarious and scary...) Many people on Twitter were outraged by why the usually attentive Olivia would have walked so blindly into a hostage situation when other people clearly were running away. Can someone please wake her up? 
  2. Operation Remington Is HERE! - While there is a lady with a bomb strapped to her in the Capitol there is man in the White House with his own agenda as well! So while on a White House Tour Pete decides he will make his way to the Oval Office to see the President. When Security sees him they begin to chase him and end up tackling him down right in front of the office door while he's screaming, "I need to speak to the President about Operation Remington!" Cyrus sees all of this go down and turns pale-er... 
  3. How to talk to crazy! - So back to Mommy Bombmaker Mary, Olivia is trying to talk her down and still get to the answers about her son's death. Kinda a conflict of interest... So on one hand she's trying to negotiate to get the answers Mary wants but if Mary goes to far ummm that's the end for Pope and Associates and everyone nearby! Next we cut to the President in the Situation Room trying to get rid of this crazy lady threat at the Capitol by ordering snipers to get a shot if they can see her. Olivia seeing that Mary is too close to the window and about to get killed jumps in front of the window herself to show them she's in the room and now 5 sniper dots are now aimed on her! Talk about bold/suicidal! So that caused President Fitz to nearly lose it and call off the entire operation!  
  4. Here come the boom! - So now the President is determined to get Olivia out alive while Olivia is also determined to get to the truth, and Cyrus is determined to hide the truth about Remington at all costs! Desperate, Olivia's team gets White Hat wearing David Rosen to go speak to Cyrus and swing his Attorney General clout around. Unfortunately for him Cyrus does not bow to anyone and is not a respecter of persons (as the church folk would say!). So Cyrus tries to send him along and let the big kids play when David pulls out his "Blues Clues Notebook" as @SarahDJakes called it (hilarious) and starts rattling off names of people who may talk to him besides Cyrus. Now Cyrus is shook and gets the President to call Olivia and tell her the truth but ask her to lie to crazy Mary about what reall happened for the sake of national security. Surprisingly Olivia lies to her client and Mary collapses into a heap and weeps but does not press the button. Whew! Just as everyone's walking calmly out of the office Mary slams the door and blows herself to bits! Dramatic! President Fitz is freaking out that his poor Liv is dead and Olivia can't believe it ended like that! 
  5. Who owns you? - Throughout the episode we watch as Huck begins to stalk Olivia's father who he now knows is "Commander." Just when he gets close enough to kill him Olivia's Evil Gangsta Pappy Pope tells him that not only did his stalking get sloppy (I saw you boy!) but that instead of killing him Huck should go inside and receive the gift Pappy Pope left for him. Inside is poor Pete handcuffed to the table and Huck gets back into B613 mode and kills Pete and stages it as a suicide. Later that evening Huck confesses to a terrified Olivia that Pappy Pope is not dead but instead Huck learned that Pappy Pope still controls and thus owns him! And all of us mourn for the sad truth about Huck. But what puts the icing on the cake is what Olivia realizes about herself when she returns tired and beat down to her apartment to a suspiciously supportive Jake who greets her at the door with offerings of wine and dinner. She begins to ask Jake, "Why Are You Here?" because it begins to dawn on her that Huck who's been out of the hole for several years can still snap back into operative mode so can Jake, and matter of fact why not Jake? The sweetest line of the night is when Jake tells her that what got him through his time in the hole was his thoughts of her and Olivia politely informs him that this is not a fairytale but instead that not only does Pappy Pope own him and that he owns her too! Boom!
  6. Bonus: Throughout this episode we catch even more of the dysfunction within the White House's pretend relationship between President Fitz and First Lady Mellie . They absolutely hate each other and can't wait to plot each other's demise but want to have the ability to do it one small knife wound at a time. One of the BEST lines of the night was delivered by a drunk Mellie telling President Fitz that no she wasn't drinking to the almost killing of his "whore" (whew such language) Olivia but to that fact that Olivia still means so much to him and as long as she's alive Mellie is going to find a way to use her to bring him down! Its not just what she says though! Its Mellie's ability to deliver such hate in such a moonshine drunken manner and be a "classy" Southern lady the entire time! " Skkkkiiiillllzzzzz!



The Bizness of Pope & Associates- What all of us can learn.... 

  1. Always Trust Your Gut! - Although crazy Mommy Mary knew her son was not a traitor and was determined to prove it! Although she didn't get to hear she was right Olivia and the people who read the file knew the truth! Your gut/intuition/crazy sensation is always right! Maybe you may not have all of the details but something does not check with your gut don't go! In business you may not have all of the facts to make the best decision but you may have enough facts to know if something is not right. What your gut told you in the beginning will be proven true and you do not want to learn this lesson at the expense of your business' success! 
  2. Vengeance is a trap for you not them! - We watched throughout the episode as Huck tried to unsuccessfully stalk and kill Pappy Pope. In the end when he came face to face to his plot/rage/revenge Huck learned more about himself than what he bargained for. Things will happen to you in business. A deal goes sour, a client gives you a bad rap, vendors rip you off, etc. How you respond speaks more to your character than their actions and mouth EVER can! Don't seek to defend yourself or your honor instead be better than you ever were before! Grind harder, sell more, create more, and grow! And when you meet them again your success will be the sweetest revenge you could ever taste!  
  3. Who's really pulling the strings? - Throughout these last couple of episodes we have realized that Evil Pappy Pope has yielded A LOT of power from behind the curtain. And in the end Olivia realized that she herself has fell victim to his control. In your business always try to question what is the real decision or motivation behind what you choose to do or not to do? NEVER let greed, fear, or any other emotion move you out of purpose! Instead come from a higher place of hope, service, and creativity and people will ALWAYS receive what you came to give. They may not always be able to afford you (lol!) but they will recognize your worth! Real recognizes real! 

Until the next episode keep on your straight path to success! 


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