It shouldn't be that hard to shop for or support the entrepreneur in your life right? Wrong! Entrepreneurs are a special type of person/crazy. They have decided to jump out of the safety next of societal norms and do their own thing. Success or failure they HAVE to try to run a business or nonprofit. The pain of NOT doing it is worse than the FEAR of failure. That's the spirit of an entrepreneur. So how do you shop for that?

This problem came to my attention when one of my close friends had a hard time getting me something for my birthday. We went to law school together and have even taken vacations together, but still she couldn't figure out what to get me. Unlike normal people I no longer treasure clothes, bags, or frivolous things, now I value my sales funnel working, snagging a deal on a course, or getting a discount on one of the many monthly tools I use to run my business. So for my friend, and the friends and loved ones in your life here is a gift giving and buying guide to help them, help you!


This part is simple but often overlooked. What do entrepreneurs really want? For their business to be successful! Although most of their friends and family are not their ideal clients entrepreneurs can still use your support even if it's not monetarily. You may know someone who can benefit from what the entrepreneur in your life is selling. Here's how you can give the entrepreneur something special for the holiday season:

  1. Share their posts - As you may or may not know social media is crowded and noisy and often it's hard for posts from your entrepreneur to find their ideal audience and clients. How can you help? Share their posts on your page or platforms. It does not have to be EVERY post but if they are advertising a product or service that you believe in share it!
  2. Give them a review - If you really know the entrepreneur in your life well you may be able to give them or their business a review. Social proof makes a BIG impact on future sales. People do business with people they know, like, or trust. So seeing your glowing review of the product, service, or character of the entrepreneur in your life can go a long way. Just remember to be truthful and clear about what you think they are great at!
  3. Send a referral - Most business is done by word of mouth. I often get new clients from other people that I have worked with or helped in some way. If you are given an opportunity to recommend the entrepreneur in your life do so! Be honest if this person can really provide what is being sought. But putting a good word in goes a long way. Whole websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor run solely on recommendations. 

If you want to actually buy the entrepreneur in your life something do not despair I have some suggestions for that as well! A couple of moons ago I worked at Pier One Imports and they created a great shopping guide divided by price point for different budgets. As they say about life each experience provides you something for later so below is my version of the guide but for entrepreneurs! 

So if you want to get something for the entrepreneur in your life, but have a budget of $25 or below here are some great ideas:

  • Books - Even if someone has an MBA there is still very little to prepare them to become an entrepreneur. BUT there is information out there to guide them on their journey. Reading books about marketing, branding, social media, systems, time or people management, and even mindset can be LIFE CHANGING for an entrepreneur. As they say knowledge is power! Pick up the latest book on one the areas  you recall hearing the entrepreneur in your life talking about improving. Or get one of the ones listed on the New York Best Seller's List. If you want some help I created a handy book guide that breaks down the most recommended books for entrepreneurs. You can grab it for FREE here!
  • Gift Cards - EVERY entrepreneur has spent some time in Starbucks or made an Office Depot run at least once! Pick up a gift card at your entrepreneur's favorite lunch or meeting spot, or give them a gift card for supplies at their favorite store. Or give them a card for a leisure activity like the movies since they probably don't go enough! A gift card gives your favorite entrepreneur the opportunity to splurge or save on something they love!

If you have a little more to spend, here are some ideas:

  • Tools - Most entrepreneurs use some type of tool or service to run their business. Do some digging to find out what they cannot live without and pay it for a month or longer for them! Here are some ideas:
    • Website - Whether it's their domain, hosting, or site design service, copywriting, or SEO there is some type of cost associated with running a good website so offer to help them out!
    • Social Media Management - Most wise marketers use some type of online tool to manage their social media. Whether it's Buffer, Hootsuite, or Edgar there is a free or paid level that makes all the difference.
    • Printed Materials - Whether it's business cards, flyers, or even letterhead offering to buy next month's order can go a long way!
    • Marketing support - There are services to manage your email marketing, send gifts to clients, or track how people interact with your website. Ask what tool the entrepreneur in your life values to help them connect with customers and make more sales.
  • Courses - Successful entrepreneurs are always learning something new. Whether it's via mentorship, books, in person learning or online entrepreneurs love seeking ways to grow their business. FInd out what skill the entrepreneur in your life would like to learn or develop whether that is coding, design, finances, or even public speaking and sponsor a course for them! You can find a class at a local location or online at one of these site:

Hey big spender! You know how to show some love! If you have a budget of $500 or more here are some suggestions:

  • Conferences - Although local networking is nice nothing beats going to a conference. Everyone has invested money and are ready and open to getting something out of it! Also there are socials and great opportunities to sight see. I went to two out of town conferences this year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Listen to hear if the entrepreneur in your life really wanted to go somewhere and purchase them ticket or schedule their travel. Here are some of the biggest conferences EVERYONE wants to attend:
  • Exclusive Coaching - I know I keep a running list of all of the A list coaches (ahem!) and programs that I would like to use to grow my business and I'm sure the entrepreneur in your life does as well. Dig around in their bookmarks or on social media to see who they are stalking/following consistently and offer to purchase some one-on-one time for your entrepreneur.


So those are some suggestions to help your shopping go a littler easier. Entrepreneurs are a special breed, but if you just listen I'm sure you can find the perfect gift and above all just knowing someone cares goes a long way. 

If you have some additional suggestions please feel free to add in the comments below! Also please connect with me on social media! 



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