Why Service?

I have practiced a lifetime of service. From elementary school student council, to high school voter registration drives, to my current board positions. Even some of my best business opportunities were offered to me because of a recommendation from one of my service projects. Service is even in my DNA! I come from two generations of public servants. My grandfather worked as a National Parks lifeguard, my grandmother as a police officer, and my mother as a post office employee. I have always believed in the privilege it is to work to serve humanity's greater good and those who truly come from that place will always receive everything they need and more. 

I believe in giving back and I want to give you the opportunity to help me support my "Champion Causes." Each year Making Straight Paths will donate time and/or money to causes that touch the heart of this company.

MSP is in the process to officially launch its own nonprofit to assist lower income women to learn and start their businesses! If you are interested in learning how you can participate as a donor or participant please contact me here!

Heart Point:

Clean Water Campaign

I love water! I drink it all day and like most of you I use it to wash, cook, and clean. The ease of just turning on my faucet or setting the washing machine is a luxury many just do not have. Under the leadership of Water.org thousands of people in remote villages and in major metropolitan areas will have access to clean and safe water to drink and use. 


Heart Point:

Illegal Wildlife Trade

With more and more species on the brink of extinction few organizations can help make a difference like the World Wildlife Fund. On the forefront of conservation and awareness since 1961.

Heart Point:

Social Entrepre-neurship

Its great if your idea can make money, but its even better if it can make a difference! Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group has taken the lead in social entrepreneurship and donates millions around the world to ideas that make a difference! 

Heart Point:

Women's Health

Women's Health is such an important topic for families and communities across the world. Reconstruction of a Survivor is a Breast Cancer Awareness and Support Organization that specializes in Group Sessions to help women, men, and caregivers help overcome the effects of this disease.  

Heart Point:

Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment Groups are such a great way for women to transform their lives and eventually our world. I Know Somebody Houston is an emerging women's empowerment and network group that helps to provide women with the resources to transform their lives.


Heart Point:


Wildlife Conservation

I'm a huge fan of taking care of the environment. I have been an avid recycler since I was a child and was that awkward person that made people think twice about littering around me... All of that passion is about the fact that we all have one planet to share and I want to make sure our kids get the best version of it when we leave.  I watched this documentary a few years ago and it really affected me to my core. I love the tireless work this alliance does so please support the already growing wave of change! 


Heart Point:

Girl Education

As we know education breaks the chains of poverty. If you help a girl change her options in life and you will help her family, village, community, and country. Girl Up is part of the United Nations Task Force to change the options and lives of girls all around the world through education, healthcare, and empowerment to become the generation of leadership!  

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